New Sailings Announcing SOON for Disney Cruise Line!

Hello! This is a friendly post to let you know that we’re expecting new dates to be released for Disney Cruise Line 2019 coming VERY, VERY soon… We don’t have the exact date, but I wanted to let you all know that Captain Mickey has been whispering that it’s happening quite soon and to prepare!

Right now, I'm building my list of those who may be interested in opening day bookings. OPENING DAY is typically the very best rate available across the board for all NEW bookings announced. As time goes on, prices increase, with exceptions for military and Florida resident rates – but there are some specialty cruises that very rarely (if ever!) will see a special rate at all. Opening day has always been the best deal.

With that in mind, feel free to send me your wish list or general interest in knowing more via email – and be sure to go to my Facebook page for the updates on the release.

I’ll post dates, new itineraries on my page and maybe even have a giveaway too!