Focused on Fun

Nothing beats my son getting super excited counting down the days until our next Disney adventure. In fact, our son, Jack, tells just about everyone -with or without prompting -exactly how many days it will be to our next Disney cruise.

Granted, what his mom does for a job has a little bit of an advantage: we're always planning our next vacation!

Which brings me to why I think anyone traveling to a Disney resort or cruise, should have the confidence to work with a vacation planner or travel agent that has that kind of first-hand knowledge. 

We travel a LOT with Disney Cruise Line and to the resorts. This year alone, our family is traveling on 4 cruises! (We've completed 2 of the 4 as of this blog post!)

When you book your vacation with me, I'm focused on you and your family - and can offer those insider tips and tricks that you're not going to get if you book it on your own.

Plus, did you know that it takes the average person over 65 hours to plan out their own Disney vacation?

Think about that!!

And we work on your behalf, monitoring your reservations, trying to get you the best deal and adding pixie dust along the way --- all for free. You don't have to do all of those hours of searching, uncovering, questioning and stressing over what should be a fun family experience.

And I love that I'm a part of Hi Ho Vacations. You should know that when you work with me, you're supporting a small office that is run like a family. (Well, we are actually a family that gets a long!)

We're just a handful of agents with so much experience in our small team -we get things done and with our clients in mind. We go to one another with questions and make it our business to learn and keep learning about high quality service.
Jack with his big sister, Natasha

We all love Disney and share our family experiences across social media and enjoy so much of what we do.

When you make your reservations with us, you're supporting other families - not a corporation. And we also give back to our community through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, too.

If you want to know more about how I can help you with your Disney vacation, please ask away! There's no obligation or anything. I love to talk Disney and will be here when you're ready.

If you want to fill out a form for an online, free quote check the tabs above for resorts or cruises. If you need Adventures by Disney or Aulani, send me a quick email: - you can also find me on my Facebook page, too -and send me a message if you'd like.

I look forward to hearing from you... and even while I'm on my vacation, I check in too... and oh!

We're at 33 days and counting!

Ready to focus on YOUR family fun? Let's do this!

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