Transatlantic Crossings on DCL

DCL Disney Cruise Line
Boat Building Contest - with our X-Wing Fighter
This past September, my family and I spent two weeks vacationing. We traveled to Barcelona, Spain and then headed onto the Disney Magic to cross the Atlantic Ocean and head to Miami, Florida -all within 11 glorious nights.

We had a Frozen-themed party "Freezing the Night Away", the traditional DCL pirate night, formal nights, officer pin trading events, tea parties, mixology classes, boat building contests, scavenger hunts, etcetera, etcetera! It was really, really amazing.

I know that some of you might be hesitant to take a look at the longer cruises that spend a long time on a ship -especially those that have so many sea days. I cannot tell you the amount of people who completely LOVED the idea of not seeing any land, no bugs, no birds, NOTHING... for days! It was relaxing. We had terrific weather. Captain John steered us away from a then tropical storm (later turned into Hurricane Joaquin!) - and we had a sun shower for a couple of brief moments. Weather could not have been nicer.
DCL Disney Cruise Line
At the Oceaneer's Club - The Avengers Academy

Many people onboard also talked about the amazing bargain this particular cruise provided - in my professional opinion, if you booked this cruise in May 2014 and happened to book while cruising with "the mouse", then you really got THE Disney Cruise Line deal of 2015.

It was a long cruise and very affordable.

There were not a lot of port stops for the Westbound Transatlantic (WBTA) this year, so that kept the pricing very low.

Next year's crossings have a lot of stops, so port fees and taxes are configured into the overall cost of the cruise - but in all honesty, it's the re-positioning cruises (such as the East/West Atlantic crossings, the Panama Canal) that are some of the most enjoyable if not the best bargains out there offered by DCL.

In the next coming days, I'll post more info about our overall experience and lots more pictures.

Wishing you all a magical day and smooth sailing no matter where you might be right now...!

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