Leaving Barcelona: All Aboard

Jack and his sister, Natasha ready to go!
A little funny moment of truth here.

While we meticulously kept pretty much everything about a Disney Cruise vacation from our naturally inquisitive preschooler a huge secret, the big reveal was more of an epic failure.

Honestly, Jack's favorite vacation is a Disney Cruise. He talks about it constantly. While keeping it secret for months, he continued to ask, "Mommy, when are we going on our next Disney Cruise?" with his little blue eyes batting at me with all his hopes and dreams waiting on my positive answer. I had to reply, "I'm not sure, but I'll try to do it soon."

Inside, I was squealing with happy anxiety. I wanted him to know! We're going! We're going! But no. We kept it quiet. And it wasn't easy.

It didn't help that our hotel in Barcelona also had a hospitality desk for DCL that was right there in the lobby! He asked about it, but kind of shrugged it off because he thinks that everything Disney is an everyday occurrence for just about everyone. It really is his normal since I plan Disney vacations for a living now. Jack might think the entire world only goes on a Disney Cruise Line vacation at every possible turn. (We have some work to do as parents, I know!)

Our Mickey Shirts
After spending 3 beautiful days in Spain, phase two of Operation Surprise Jack was in full swing. We decided to wait until the day we departed by taxi to the port in Barcelona to finally fess up and tell the tyke what was really up. It was a lot of excitement!

We all wore a Disney shirt before leaving the hotel. Still, Jack was not even remotely tipped off that something was going on. At the hotel, a huge bus load of cruisers were getting ready to depart for port. He didn't really flinch. We were waiting on our private transfer "to fly back home to New York." Jack was more concerned about the size of the taxi being large enough for us. I'm not kidding. This child has a penchant for these things.

Anyway, before entering the taxi, I explained to the cabbie that our son thinks we are going to the airport but we were surprising him with a cruise. the driver nodded and understood...

After a ten minute ride towards the ship, I pulled out my cell phone. I had pre-recorded Mickey and Goofy messages for him. The character calls were wishing him a magical time on our transatlantic journey! I played them and he just looked completely confused.

He stared out the window and kept talking about going on a Delta plane back to New York. I think our Spanish cab driver thought we were American morons that didn't know how to really surprise a four year old with a vacation.

Once we got closer to port and he saw the Magic sitting there at the dock, that's when it clicked. He jumped out of his seat!

Yay! We were going home the long way and it was MUCH better than sitting in an aircraft for 8 hours.  And the story continues....
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