Day 2: Barcelona is Better Post Jetlag

Arriving from NYC to Barcelona after an almost 7-hour flight is not horrible, but it does require the physiological adjustment! We all had some sleep issues, but tomorrow we're really hoping to not have that mid-day slump.
Today we scoped out a quick breakfast and went for a walk. Out and about on our Day 2 was more interesting, even if it meant that we inadvertently walked towards Las Ramblas. We have that on tomorrow's "to do" list - so we got a quick preview this afternoon.

We took a took a cab to our favorite seafood restaurant, Can Majo. (TRAVEL TIP: You must go to specific areas to hail a taxi in Barcelona - taxi stands are available all over the place, but you cannot just get a cab anywhere - has to be at a designated area or it is considered illegal.)

After lunch, we strolled along the beach and headed towards a gelato/chocolate shop: Vioko. The Catalan flavor was my favorite and we bought some chocolates to enjoy later.
So far, we've had fun... we're still a bit tired, but excited for the weekend.
Just one more day before we board the Disney Magic! More to come tomorrow...

Ice cream at Vioko is a delicious experience

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