Our September Surprise

I am so excited to have a big surprise for my four year old: we are taking a transatlantic Disney Cruise in September from Barcelona to Miami and we have NOT SAID A WORD.

In the past, we have done countdowns. Day by day, our little guy, Jack, counts each day with a level of excitement that cannot be contained. He's just bursting with energy and wants to tell the world when his next Disney cruise is happening.

Until this time.

We're keeping it all under wraps. He knows nothing.

We also had it planned for over a year and a half.

What I plan on doing is telling him the night before we fly to Barcelona that we're going on vacation.

I'm going to use this blog to journal that adventure.

Right now, we just have this:

I'm hoping this will be a way to score some "Awesome Mom" points that I can use later -when he's a teenager and thinks I'm lame! ;)

Have you ever surprised anyone with a vacation? This is my very first time, so I am very open to hearing and sharing ideas of what to do to make this extra special!

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