5 Things I Learned While Traveling to Disney with a Little One

As a mom, there are things that you know -other things, you learn along the way. A little bit of knowledge meets experience type of thing.

Then, there are the things that you WISHED someone would have shared with you long before you had that, "Oh geez! Why didn't I think of that?!" moment.

When I first took our son, Jack, to Disney World, he was barely two years old. I wasn't really prepared for anything other than making sure we had the stroller, plenty of snacks and his regular gear in his diaper bag. I remembered a change of clothes, the sunscreen, hand sanitizer, bottled water, sippy cup and all the basics were covered.

What I wished I knew ahead of time:

1.  The sea of strollers outside the rides make it a bit of an enigma to find your own when you emerge from the ride or attraction. Searching for your specific stroller can be a big undertaking at times - so have SOMETHING on yours to differentiate it from all the others! Now, since we were already IN the park when we made this discovery, we bought a miniature Goofy plush keychain with his bright green hat to hang off the side. It's now 2 years later and it still hangs on our son's stroller and helps us identify our property so much easier. Save yourself a little money and get something like this before leaving for vacation. It's such a simple thing to do, yet makes a world of difference.

2.  Avoid the "not enough storage" message you'll get when there is no longer any room for pictures on your phone. Don't forget to clean out your smartphone before leaving on vacation, so you will have more room to save those precious memories! This could also mean deleting any unnecessary apps and downloading/saving all of your photos and videos to your computer or other storage device prior to leaving on your trip.

3.  Have everyone in your party wear BRIGHT COLORS! I made the mistake of not telling my husband to wear his orange or green shirt one day at the parks and I was frustrated by noon! When there are large crowds, having something that is easily recognizable is just smart. With my husband wearing grey, he blended into everything. Talk about raging mad! I could NOT find my husband and he had his phone on mute...! It was not a fun time until I found him! You're on holiday so brighten up that wardrobe! Save the drab for home!

4.  Buy souvenirs ahead of time -and by all means, do NOT over-pack. If you're traveling with a young child, you're already packing for every scenario. It's way too easy to get overwhelmed. Don't. At Hi Ho Vacations, we provide clients with a quick packing list. It's a bit of a "Disney Hack" list -but it's terrific!

5.  And honestly, I wish I knew what a travel agent was, how he/she could monitor my reservation FOR me and give me all these tips and so much more. It's a big part of why I wanted to become a Disney vacation planner: I REALLY UNDERSTAND it. I've been to Disney without the help and it's a heck of a lot harder! I want you and your family to have FUN. Enjoy everything that Disney has to offer.

We have the inside scoop, we work with vendors who give us deals on rentals and other lesser-known items on the cruises and at the parks. Plus, our services at Hi Ho Vacations are 100% free. If you're interested in knowing more, contact me or fill out a free, no-obligation quote form for the resorts or Disney Cruise Line.

If you have any other "Disney Hacks" to add to the list, please let me know!

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