What Exactly Do "I Do"?

I've had the question come up a lot: "What 'exactly' do you DO?"

To answer simply, I take the worry and the stress out of your travel plans because I'm a mom and I completely empathize! As a professional, I bring to the table a lot of experience with the parks and cruises that some can only talk about, whereas I've lived it and continue to LIVE it!

I help you select resorts and packages that will work best for your family, based on what you've told me you're looking for in a Disney vacation. If you're undecided, I provide you options to explore and review -so that you can compare and get a better idea of what kind of Disney experience you want for YOU.

 I'm a mom of three children and we HUGE Disney fans. (FYI: that's my little boy, Jack, in that photo with Pooh during a trip in 2013!) We've been to numerous Disney resort properties so many times we can't count! We're also avid Disney Cruise Line addicts -with trips booked at least twice a year! We've also sailed on all four ships and really, really love days at sea with Mickey and the gang!

Basically, I have that insider-mom-been-there-and-know-some-really-cool-tips track. I know where you can do a great character meet and greet while in the Magic Kingdom and love to talk to my clients about their vacation wish lists! I might even have more tips to share that you didn't even consider or know about! I've done the high-end luxury trip, sparing no expense to the "just the basics" trip to Disney, too --as well as about everything in between!

I'm able to help you figure out the dining reservations that you'd like, where you can get your Fast Passes set up or if you have questions about guests with special needs or services. Hi Ho Vacations also partners with some agencies to help you get some additional discounts on strollers, electric scooters and wheelchair rentals. Honestly, any questions you have - I'm ready to help find you the answers you need.

All this is NO cost to any of my clients. What I provide to you is 100% no obligation, FREE. Why? Because Disney pays me to work for you.

My son on board a Disney cruise - his happy place!
On top of the wealth of information that only a travel agent can provide, when you book with me at Hi Ho Vacations, you also get the peace of mind that your reservation will be continuously monitored for any applicable discounts. When you book with Disney direct, you would have to know about upcoming promotions or sales. You would also have to contact them directly to make changes in your reservation. However, you don't need to do any of that when you're booked through me. It is my job to work for YOUR benefit. Disney will work to their benefit.

We are also known for "Pixie Dusting" our clients...! So if you want to know more about how I can help make your next Disney vacation something truly magical, just click HERE to email me or call (212) 684-6566. I'll be happy "to do" what "I do" best -and love!

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