Cruising with the Mouse

Before I became an avid Disney Cruiser, I didn't know much at all. I wish someone had shared some simple tips with me!

Now, as a travel agent for Disney, I thought I'd put together some of those lessons I learned the hard way! Here's some things to consider as a new cruiser:

Use the Disney Cruise Line (DCL) website to check out itineraries -but don't be afraid of the longer, 7-day cruises.

Like many first timers, you'll probably want to stick with a shorter cruise. Some people worry that there's not going to be a lot to do. They might think that there won't be enough adult activities or that the ship will be too full of kids to really enjoy and relax. Maybe they are worried about the potential of getting sea sickness. All of these are valid points!

I, too, dipped my toe in the DCL waters very cautiously, for all the reasons listed above. Then I regretted being so scared after my first 24 hours on the ship. I wanted MORE! There wasn't enough time! There was so much to do -as a family, as a couple and even on my own time! Why was our vacation ending so quickly when we JUST got on board?!

Don't get me wrong, if you're happier with just trying out DCL on a short-term trial, great. But don't be surprised when you're on board and start dreaming of your next cruise before the first one is over!
There are kids clubs and activities abounds on a Disney Cruise! There is a spa and adults only areas on board as well. Having a date night with your significant other is completely acceptable and easily accomplished, too. There are family activities like trivia, karaoke, dance parties and more -every single day and night.

The funniest part about our first DCL experience? We booked our second cruise on the second day of our trip. However, I missed out on something even better - booking with a travel agent. I had NO IDEA that there was such a thing as on board credit (OBC)! Seriously, no clue!! OBCs can be used for shopping, shore excursions, spa treatments and more.

Plus, booking on board gets you other perks as well.
  • Save 10% on prevailing rates on non-blocked out cruises
  • Receive an onboard credit of up to US$200
  • Reduced deposit on 7-night sailings or longer
Another nice feature that DCL has just offered is a $200 placeholder cruise. Maybe you're not sure where or when you want to go on your next cruise, but you plan on sailing again in the next 24 months.

So when you book your cruise direct with Disney, not only are you eligible for Disney OBCs, but if you use a travel agent who also offers an incentive to book through their agency and name the agent at the time of booking or within 30 days, you can have those OBC's added too, on top of what DCL is offering. (I actually took 2 family cruises before I knew that little tidbit!)

Want to know more? Here's an e-brochure from Disney Cruise Line that might be helpful: 

In summary, you'll find that when you're on a Disney Cruise, it is really a floating magical island that you'll want to visit again and again! Oh -and another HUGE tip: DO NOT OVER-PACK!

Of course, if you have any other questions or would like a free quote, let me know! I'd be happy to help you. I even have a sample packing list if you're interested!  or call (212) 684-6566

And P.S. -Ask me about Fish Extenders (aka an FE)!

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