New York City and Disney Cruise Line

It's just amazing: as a resident of New York City, I cannot tell you how often I've wished for Disney please come to our ports! (More often!)
And now, here it is!
DCL announced select sailings out of New York for fall 2016.
If you want information from a NYC local and book the best deal, contact me today:
(212) 684-6566
I can help with all your questions and as an avid Disney cruiser myself, I can offer some great insider tips.
Spots have already filled up, so don't delay!

Why You Should Use a Disney Travel Planner - by Krista Weaver

This post is originally authored by Krista Weaver, a Hi Ho Vacations Planner. (Thanks, Krista!)

How do you pick the right Disney Travel Planner for you? Well, you might find someone by word of mouth, Facebook, or a Google search. You should look for a person or an agency that has Earmarked status and is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. This means they have established themselves as a reputable and trusted agency with Disney Destinations. Only the very best agencies are awarded this coveted designation. To earn this, an agency must demonstrate professionalism, have a high sales performance, and they are held to the strictest standards. Earmarked Agencies are also given specialized training opportunities and benefits that other agencies do not have access to.

Once you have found someone you want to work with, the next thing to understand is their service should cost you nothing. Yes, that’s right, it’s free. 100% Free, or at least it should be so if someone is trying to charge you, you should look elsewhere. Also, be conscious of how payments are made. Payments should be made by your Planner to Disney rather than to an agency. Be very wary of any charges on your credit card that designate anything other than “Disney.”

So, how do Disney Travel Planners make a living, you ask, because they must get paid somehow, right? For each vacation (land, cruise, adventure) a Disney Travel Planner books, Disney pays them a small commission based on the price of the package. Wait,so now I know you must be thinking that the price of your trip just went up to pay the planner, right? Wrong. The cost of your trip is exactly the same whether you spend hours doing it yourself, OR you let an experienced planner do all the leg work for you.  Who wants to have to spend hours pouring over the internet to find just the right resort, get up at the crack of dawn to secure those coveted restaurant reservations, figure outwhat the heck that My Disney Experience thing and Magic Bands are, understand the ins and outs of the Fastpass+ system, keep up to date on all the new promotions, and make sure you don’t miss an important date like “Pay in Full” or “Book your FP+ rides today.” Ok, maybe some people thoroughly enjoy all of that but for the rest of us, why not leave it to an expert? And again, the best part, like we already established, is that it is FREE! There should be no agency fees to book, no agency fees to cancel.

After it’s all planned and you are ready to go, what’s left for the skilled Disney Travel Planner to do for you? Well, making sure you are reminded of all of your important dates is one thing. Continuing to monitor your reservation for any new promotional offers that could come out at any time is another. Making sure you understand how to stretch your dollar and maximize your time in each park is still another. If you arrive at your resort and have a problem, a good Disney Travel Planner will guide you though and make sure issues are resolved to your satisfaction. When it’s time to leave and that freak snow storm has grounded all the flights, your Disney Planner can help get you back into a resort in no time so you aren’t sleeping on the floor of an airport terminal.There are so many ways that a Disney Travel Planner can assist, you would be surprised at all they can do to make your trip planning easier.

Now that you understand how a planner can help you, perhaps you will consider giving it a try on a future trip! Contact to find out more!